Moonlight Gemstones
Hand Crafted Jewelry
Here are some pictures of some jewelry that Paul Graybeal has made through the years. The buttons above lead to the
major different types of jewelry that is typically made. Paul has also made some unconventional pieces as well, such as the  
horn mounts for a Harley-Davidson (pictured below), and the badge made for the local constable out of a five dollar silver
coin. Pictures of previous pieces are also included for example.  If you have picked out a cabochon or two, you can have
Paul or I mount the stone for you in a custom piece, be it a bolo tie, pendant, ring, bracelet,brooch, money clip, pretty much
anything that doesn't require a specialized machine to make. Then all you have to do is
contact us
Ben's Past Jewelry Posted
July 16th, 2020.
A Unique Custom job...for a motorcycle.
Silver mount with lapis and gold trim by Paul.
jewelry by
Paul Graybeal
October 29th, 2020.
Balmorhea agate pendant
Amethyst Pendant
Marfa plume agate cuff
Larimar earrings
Amethyst set
Large banded agate cross
Inlaid banded agate cuff links
Turquoise tie bar
Custom belt buckle
Black plume agate ring
Chrysacolla pendant
Vanbrace metal piece
9 stone Marfa bouquet agate necklace
Apprentice Jewelry
Turquoise pendant
Moss agate cuff
Sprectralite cuff
Fire agate cuff
Variscite cuff
Turquoise cuff
Turquoise cuff
Marfa black plume agate ring
Turquoise ring and bracelet
Azurite and crazy lace rings
Nine stone Marfa agate necklace
Marfa banded agate cuff links
Shadow Box Marfa banded
agate cuff links. 7/8" diameter.